The 7 Best Stock Market News Apps to Stay Updated on Your Investments

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The 7 Best Stock Market News Apps featured image for article

Information is one of the most important elements of investing. It is important that you stay up-to-date on the economy and your investments. Nowadays, you can receive information quickly through stock market news apps on your phone or tablet. There are many great free and premium options you can use to receive news.

This list is created in no particular order. Each option on this list offers different tools and features that may suit your needs better than others. We recommend giving many of the apps on this list a try and stick with the one you use the most. You can start with the free version or a free trial to see if the app is the one you want to keep.

1. Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis App

Seeking Alpha is one of the most popular stock market news apps available. I personally use Seeking Alpha as I find their articles to be the most insightful.

Seeking Alpha’s articles are unique in that they are created by individual contributors. These contributors get paid by Seeking Alpha based on the number of clicks they receive on their articles. Because the articles are created by independent creators, you can get unique perspectives and information for each stock and economic event. Plus, Seeking Alpha’s contributors write more than 10,000 unique articles every month.

Seeking Alpha’s basic (free) plan provides you with limited access to their platform and stock analysis tools and allows you to view 1 premium article per week for free.

Seeking Alpha’s premium plan gives you unlimited access to their premium content and stock research tools. The price for the premium plan is $239/year if paying annually or $29.99/month if you pay monthly.

Seeking Alpha also has a pro plan for $2,400/year or $199.99/month that gives you access to VIP customer service, content from top authors, improved screeners, and more.

Seeking Alpha Pricing Table for Premium and Pro Plans

2. CNBC: Stock Market & Business

Another popular stock market news app is NBC’s CNBC which provides thousands of articles, live news, global market data, live audio, and stock market related shows. CNBC is often considered by many to be the best news channel for financial and business related topics.

CNBC Stock Market News App Preview

CNBC’s free plan has a lot to offer. There are thousands of articles and you can stay up-to-date on breaking news. Their free version offers some historical data on individual stocks as well as market data and price movement information.

The Pro plan offers CNBC live streams, expert insights and stock picks, stock ratings and price targets, their premium stock screener. The pro plan costs $299.99/year or $34.99/month. If you want access to Jim Cramer’s research and portfolio, you will need to pay for their “All Access” plan which will run you $599.99/year.

CNBC Pro Plan price and information

3. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo Finance is another very popular stock market news app. It works a bit differently than the others on this list in that it aggregates stock and business news in one place. The articles on Yahoo Finance are often sourced from other news outlets covered in this list such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, etc.

The mobile app offers a great free version that provides you with breaking news, articles on individual stocks, updates on the economy, stock information and analysis, and some historical stock data.

Yahoo! Finance App

Yahoo Finance offers four different tiers or plans to their users. The first tier is the free version which provides you with the basic information you need. After that they have a Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier for their premium plans. Bronze costs $9.95/month or $7.95/month if paying annually ($95.40/year). The Silver tier costs $24.95/month or $19.95/month if paying annually ($239.40/year). Finally, the Gold tier costs $49.95/month or $39.95/month if paying annually ($479.40/year). Each plan offers more information, stock picks, historical financial data for stocks, strategies, newsletters, and more.

Yahoo Finance Premium Plan Pricing Table

4. Bloomberg: Business News Daily

Bloomberg is one of the more sophisticated stock market news apps available. Bloomberg creates its own articles and content and will help you stay up to date on the general market, business trends, financial news, and updates on your investments.

The Bloomberg App

The free version of Bloomberg offers limited access to their articles and content. Bloomberg publishes a lot of “subscriber-only” content that cannot be accessed with their free plan. If, however, you just need the basic news and updates, the free plan has enough articles and information to keep you in the know.

Bloomberg’s premium plan allows their users to have unlimited access to their premium content and newsletter. You can also listen to live radio, podcasts, and articles. The premium plan offers Bloomberg TV streaming as well as the option to gift 5 premium articles to friends or family every month. The cost for Bloomberg Premium is $34.99/month after a 3-month trial of $1.99/month. Alternatively, you can pay annually which will cost you $299/year ($199/year for the first year with their current offer).

Bloomberg premium plan pricing image

On top of Bloomberg premium, Bloomberg also offers a software called the Bloomberg Terminal. The Bloomberg Terminal is made for professionals and businesses as the cost for the software is very unaffordable for the average person. The Bloomberg Terminal will run you a whopping $24,000/year.

5. The Wall Street Journal

Another popular news app is The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ app offers a great platform with many articles about business and world news, which can be both a positive and a negative for the app. The WSJ doesn’t publish as many articles on individual stocks or company events as it does articles on general business, finance, and world news.

If you’re looking to closely watch individual stocks and receive news about them as quick as possible, the WSJ may not be the best app for you. If you are interested in receiving interesting articles about the economy, business, and the world, then I’d recommend the WSJ.

The Wall Street Journal App

The WSJ’s subscription model allows for users to access more articles for a small monthly fee. Currently, you can get a premium subscription to the WSJ for $4/month for 1 year, after that you’ll have to pay $9.75/week or $39/month.

6. Barron’s

Barron’s is a popular news site that offers a fantastic app for finance, business, and economic articles and information. Barron’s is one of the oldest platforms to offer financial news starting in 1921. Barron’s unique offer is that the articles are written by Wall Street experts. Similar to other stock market news apps discussed in this list, Barron’s also offers investment articles, stock price information, interactive charts, and company financial history and analysis.

Barron's App for stock market news and information

For unlimited access to the articles and stock information on the app, you’ll have to pay $14.99/month. This can be worth it if you find their articles to be insightful. Remember, they have been doing this for a long time and have access to some of the world’s greatest experts.

7. MarketWatch

Finally, the last stock market news app we will discuss on this list is MarketWatch. MarketWatch offers basically the same concept as other platforms on this list, but the UI is much more user-friendly. They make it easy to find their articles and the articles are formatted to fit the screen perfectly.

Similar to Barron’s, MarketWatch is a Dow Jones business, so they also have access to the top experts on the stock market. MarketWatch is a great option for getting information on individual stocks and staying up-to-date on company news, earnings reports, and more.

MarketWatch App

MarketWatch is a free app, but it does come with ads that can get in the way of the articles. For $5/week or $20/month, you can get rid of the ads and get access to their subscriber-only content, watchlists, newsletters, and more.

Stock Market News Apps: WSJ Digital Bundle

Currently, The WSJ is offering an incredible bundle where you can get the premium versions of the WSJ, Barron’s, and MarketWatch all for one price. The subscription costs $3.75/week for 1 year or $15/month for the first year. After the first year, the bundle will cost $12.50/week or $50/month.

The WSJ Digital Bundle Information

If you’re struggling to decide which platform to use or you want to test a few of them out at once, this bundle would be perfect for you. It is a unique bundle that will provide you with all of the stock market news and information you could possible need as a beginner or advanced investor.


I hope this article was able to help you find the stock market news app that works best for you. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the list, this list is in no particular order. Every one of these apps has something unique to offer and most have great articles and information available for free.

I personally use Seeking Alpha, but I have many friends who prefer other apps for their stock market news. I’d say give them all a try! Find the one that best fits your needs and that you enjoy using the most.

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