Top 8 Twitter or X Email Finder Software

Best Twitter or X Email Finder Software
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Best Twitter or X Email Finder Software

Are you looking for the best Twitter Email Finder Software?

Check out these top eight:,,, AeroLeads, Scrappybird, Anymail Finder, Voila Norbert, and Orbitly.

Each tool offers unique features to perfect your lead generation, like artificial intelligence, seamless integration, email verification, or user-friendly interfaces. Whether you’re after GDPR compliance, cost-effective solutions, or high data accuracy, these tools have got you covered.


Emailbird Website Screenshot

Let’s start with is a Twitter email finder software that guarantees your messages hit their target, providing you with the personal email addresses of those you’re trying to reach. One of the biggest Emailbird benefits is its ability to extract user data from followers and those they follow, with a 30% success rate at Twitter email extraction.

When comparing Emailbird vs competitors, many other email finders only offer generic company emails. However, Emailbird offers you a personal touch, with personal email addresses that never go stale, allowing your emails to land where they’re meant to – in the inbox.

Another significant advantage of Emailbird is its accuracy rate. With an industry-leading accuracy rate of 92%, you’ll be sure that you are sending messages to verified email addresses, which will ultimately improve your deliverability and sender reputation.

Emailbird takes data protection seriously. They’re GDPR and CCPA-compatible, using only data compiled from publicly available sources through artificial intelligence. With Emailbird, you can be assured that your email-finding efforts are both efficient and compliant.

Pricing: Starting at $49/mo

2. Website Screenshot

While may not be specifically designed for Twitter, it’s a versatile email finder tool that’s easy to use and can help you find Twitter emails effectively. This tool is known for its user-friendly interface, making it a favorite among users who want a seamless experience.

One of its unique features is the email scoring system. This gives you a sense of the accuracy of the email addresses it finds. It’s not always perfect, but the scoring can guide your decisions on whether to pursue a lead or not. also excels in its domain search functionality. You can input a domain or company name, and it will return potential email addresses associated with it. This feature can be particularly useful when you’re seeking emails related to specific Twitter accounts.

What’s more, offers Chrome integration. This means you can use it directly from your browser, making your Twitter email search even more convenient.

Pricing: Starting at $49/mo

3. Website Screenshot

If you’re searching for Twitter email addresses, you’ll find a useful tool that integrates seamlessly with others like Hunter or ClearBit. This software is designed with both email extraction and Twitter integration in mind, allowing you to easily extract email addresses from your Twitter interactions. also has a valuable browser extension. This feature enables you to conveniently capture emails while browsing your Twitter feed, a great feature if you come across interesting prospects or potential leads.’s extension is compatible with Chrome.

One distinguishing feature of is its dedication to data verification. This not only confirms the authenticity of the emails extracted but also improves the quality of leads generated. This tool verifies every email address it collects, reducing the chances of bouncing emails and improving your overall email marketing strategy.

When it comes to pricing, starts at $30/month, which is a competitive rate considering its versatile features. It’s important to compare pricing and consider whether the functionality offered aligns with your budget and needs. However, do remember that’s email extraction from Twitter isn’t its sole purpose, so some Twitter-specific features may be lacking.

Pricing: Starting at $30/mo

4. AeroLeads

AeroLeads Website Screenshot

Looking at AeroLeads, you’ll discover a tool that utilizes web scraping technology to gather data from various sources, including Twitter, making it a valuable asset for lead generation. It’s a user-friendly platform that supports your email outreach strategies by providing extensive lead data, all accessible through a convenient Chrome extension. You can even give it a try with its free trial offer.

One of the key pros of AeroLeads is its focus on email verification. This feature guarantees that the emails you collect are valid, improving the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. However, while AeroLeads is generally precise in its data collection, it can sometimes be a bit off-target, making data accuracy a potential area of concern.

The tool’s strengths in lead generation and user-friendly interface are counterbalanced by some drawbacks, including occasional data accuracy issues. Nevertheless, AeroLeads remains a thorough tool for your email marketing needs, starting at just $49 per month.

Pricing: Starting at $49/mo

5. Scrappybird

Scrappybird Website Screenshot

Moving onto Scrappybird, you’ll find an innovative Twitter email finder. With Scrappybird, you’re not just using another email scraper. It’s a tool designed to align with your email outreach strategies and enhance your online marketing trends.

Here’s what makes Scrappybird stand out:

  1. Scrape Following and Followers: You can access the emails of those who are following or being followed by a specific profile.
  2. Scrape Likers: Get the emails of users who liked a certain tweet.
  3. Scrape Retweeters: Identify the email addresses of those who retweeted a tweet.
  4. Scrape List Members: Collect the emails of Twitter users who are part of a specific list.

These features make Scrappybird perfect for quick lead generation. And the best part? It’s cloud-based and doesn’t require any downloads or installations. With a starting price of just $49/month, Scrappybird is set to redefine the way you approach Twitter-based lead generation.

Compared to other solutions on this list, Scrappybird is specifically made for finding emails on Twitter, making it a great option as a Twitter scraping tool, but it is more limited than the others on this list as they don’t allow you to scrape emails from other sites.

Pricing: Starting at $49/mo

6. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder Website Screenshot

Anymail Finder is another great Twitter email finder tool. This tool streamlines the task of locating and validating emails from Twitter. Simply input the Twitter URL of your target and let Anymail Finder manage the rest.

One of the standout features of Anymail Finder is its email verification process. It guarantees that the emails you extract are valid and active, reducing the likelihood of your email outreach efforts going to waste. The tool also offers social media integration, making it simpler to connect your Twitter activities with your broader digital marketing strategies.

Anymail Finder prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that your activity and the data you access remain confidential. This feature is crucial with the strict data protection laws and the growing concern over data breaches.

Moreover, this tool can notably enhance your lead generation efforts. By providing you with verified emails, it ensures that your outreach is targeted and effective. With plans starting at $14 per month, Anymail Finder offers a cost-effective solution for your Twitter email finding needs.

Pricing: Starting at $14/mo

7. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert Website Screenshot

Our 7th option for great Twitter email finder tools is Voila Norbert. Promising an impressive 77% success rate, it’s designed to deliver data accuracy that’s second to none. With Voila Norbert, the guesswork is eliminated as you can search by first name, last name, and company URL. Within a second, you’ll have the contact information you need.

Voila Norbert’s standout features include:

  1. Email Verification: Voila Norbert guarantees the accuracy of each email found, keeping your lead generation process efficient and error-free.
  2. Data Accuracy: With a remarkable 77% success rate, you can trust the data provided by Voila Norbert.
  3. Contact Information: Just input the first name, last name, and company URL, and you’ll get the desired email quickly.
  4. Lead Generation: Voila Norbert’s accuracy and speed make it a powerful tool for your lead generation efforts.

With the convenience of a free trial offering 50 emails, Voila Norbert is perfect for your online marketing needs, whether you’re an individual or a large B2B team.

Pricing: Starting at $49/mo

8. Orbitly

Orbitly Website Screenshot

If you’re searching for an easy-to-use Twitter email finder tool, Orbitly might just be your best option. It’s not just a simple tool, but a thorough data enrichment solution. It allows you to create a spreadsheet with your targets’ Twitter handles, upload it to their web app, and let the software do the rest. It’s that straightforward!

Orbitly stands out for its integrated email functionality. This feature enables you to not only find emails linked to Twitter handles but also enhance your data with additional contact details. It’s an all-inclusive solution that improves your prospecting efforts and saves you time.

One of Orbitly’s key benefits is its API integration capability. You can easily incorporate its services into your own applications, making it a flexible tool adaptable to your specific needs.

Orbitly operates on a pay-as-go system, allowing you to purchase credits as you need them. This flexible pricing option starts at $15 for 100 credits, catering to businesses of all sizes and budgets. It’s a cost-effective choice for those who value efficiency and flexibility in their Twitter email hunting endeavors. So, why not give Orbitly a try?

Pricing: Starting at $15 for 100 credits

Why use a Twitter Email Finder Tool?

Despite Twitter’s (X’s) limitations, utilizing a Twitter email finder tool reveals a great deal of opportunities for effective and tailored B2B outreach. These tools allow you to find the email addresses (personal and business) of your prospects. The benefits of using such tools are numerous:

  1. By revealing emails associated with Twitter accounts, you broaden your reach beyond Twitter’s barriers. You’re no longer restricted to the platform’s constraints.
  2. With the appropriate tool, you can sift through the irrelevant audience and concentrate on potential leads relevant to your business.
  3. With the limitation of character count eliminated, you can communicate more efficiently through emails.
  4. Emails enable you to tailor and personalize your messages, leading to more productive interactions.

Moreover, these discovery tools also offer improved networking opportunities. The ability to directly contact potential leads via email can improve your networking and widen your connections, making it a great strategy for lead generation and email marketing.

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